The European. A stolen salad.

Named thus as I’ve stolen it from one of Melbourne’s best restaurants, of the same name.

Baby cos lettuce torn into bits
Ripe pear, peeled, quartered, cored, sliced
Red seedless grapes cut into halves
Pecans cut into slivers or walnuts, chopped. Make sure the walnuts are best quality.
Baby fennel, sliced fine
Parmesan shaved

I have a couple of ways of dressing this. One is with pomegranate syrup – mouth-wateringly tart – mixed with best olive oil. That does make a slightly dirty looking dressing. If you want a clean colour – if that is more important to you than taste, then do go for best white wine vinegar instead of the pomegranate. It won’t give you that sour tart taste that takes your mouth to a pucker and then a smile – so be cowardly.

This is as mucked about as I would make a salad. Six ingredients! But as long as they work, and these do, they are just lovely together, so why not.

If you are after posh sex, this could be the thing.


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