A mousetrap salad

A mousetrap salad.

My favourite salads are so simple as to be embarrassing to put to paper.

Iceberg lettuce, torn into small pieces, a splash of fine white wine vinegar, best olive oil. Enough. I’d eat that standing at the kitchen bench, it wouldn’t even get to the dinner table. But then, you build on that. Add avocado. Keep it green.

Another night, add to the above, a little chopped shallot. I really don’t know if you are building a better mousetrap, but it is a bigger one. Have you a top notch tomato in the house? Okay, you can let it join the party. But don’t think just because it is red, just because it is vine-ripened that it will be good. Most such tomatoes might just as well take up a new career as doorstops. Do the growers and the grocers think we are complete idiots? Actually we know just because something looks red, it won’t necessarily taste red. And remember this: an ugly tomato is much more likely to taste good than a pretty one.

If you really insist you can keep getting bigger. Fetta – Persian, it is something made for a queen. Cucumber – not those horrible supermarket big green ones.

But now do stop, please. Enough. It’s a mousetrap salad. Please don’t turn it into a kitchen sink salad. Yuck.


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