Homesickness. The Audreys.

A friend of mine was wandering around Europe long ago when she suddenly – unexpectedly – heard John Paul Young singing Yesterday’s Heroes. And there she was, listening and sobbing. In recounting the tale she was appalled – JPY??? REALLY?! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, really. Homesickness could make you do something like that too. So imagine the sweet kick in the guts I get every time I listen to The Audreys. It’s bad enough when I play their albums at home, but now and then here in Geneva I hear their songs in cafes and there it is, a surprise ambush, a wave of homesickness as you are surrounded for a few moments by the lilting sound that manages to be both melancholic and wholesome at the same time, some sort of triumph there. And as like as not you are briefly transported to a night at The Gov, or a Sunday afternoon on St Kilda beachfront. It’s lovely. But it hurts a bit too.


4 thoughts on “Homesickness. The Audreys.

  1. Even now I sometimes have an intense sensation of “I need to be there” about a place – mostly in London where I lived for seven years. Is it because you are happy somewhere I wonder? Can you feel homesick for a place or something you don’t like?


    • I don’t think you can feel homesick for places you don’t like or places where you weren’t happy. Or rather, I don’t think you can feel homesick for places where you were unhappy.


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