The fight against druggies in our apartment block.

Our apartment building has a big problem with drug addicts who get into the building by knowing the door code, or else by tail-gaiting. They shoot up heroin in a mystifyingly incompetent way as you will see from the blood stains in some of the pictures. Crack cocaine seems to be the other drug du jour. Sometimes they bring in dogs because hey, druggies need protection, right?

I will write about the story of what we are doing to fight back another time. For now I’m simply loading pictures for the use of our neighbours. I’m sorry about the quality – we will not be giving up our day jobs to become photographers any time soon. 🙂 It doesn’t help that our stairwell is quite dark with blind spots which makes it particularly nerve-wracking using them and having no idea who or what one will meet en route. Clicking on the pictures will make them bigger.


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