Asian food in Stockholm

Just don’t all laugh at once. I went to a restaurant called Time 4 Thai and it was awful. Reflecting upon the enthusiasm local reviewers have for it, the thing is, though, maybe it is just the best you are going to get at the wrong end of the world. I have read that there is a really good high end mucked about Asian fusion Thai place here – think Chin Chin if you are in Melbourne – the menu of which had me really wishing I was back home, but it was closed while we were here. So, Time 4 Thai it was. Admittedly Manny along the way said a good rule of thumb had to be not to go to restaurants that have a number in their name. But a haunt of mine long ago in Sydney was all number. Remember The 21 in Double Bay? Anyway, as I read through the menu which had celery and capsicum listed on practically every dish, it was clear that ingredients are problematical here. I have yet to see a tomato other than really pallid, hard-fleshed, watery horrors. But why can’t they import them? Manny says they do, so maybe it is just that they only import bad quality produce? We had, for example, the best quality cherries at a stall outside the Ho(with two dots)torget Food Hall and they were terrible.

So, I don’t know for sure if it is simply not possible to do Thai properly hereabouts, or if the locals simply don’t know what good Thai food is. Either way, this was our only straightforwardly bad food move in Stockholm. I think that speaks volumes for the standards here.


One thought on “Asian food in Stockholm

  1. The waiter looked very sad when he asked us if we’d enjoyed our meal and I just said we wanted the bill. He needs to find a restaurant that doesn’t have a number in its name,


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