Cafes in Stockholm

Ahhh…it was almost like Melbourne, not least in Vasastan, which is dubbed Little Paris hereabouts, but I’m tempted to call it Little Melbourne.

We spent so much time wandering around Stockholm that we didn’t make as many cafe stops as we will next time we come, when it will be November and there will be no reason at all to be out on the streets except to move from one coffee shop to another. Or so I imagine. But in July? It is reading-outside-light at 10pm.

Still, we examined several.

First up Gilda’s Rum and Espresso Bar. I question the dark depths of places like this, but I’m told Swedes like dark insides. I speculate that in winter it makes it less depressing – if only marginally so – to have to step back outside. Everything is good except the tea which is Kusmi. Unfortunately French flavoured tea is taking over Europe, it is all but impossible to get plain tea. I can’t remember the last time I saw Ceylon tea on sale anywhere in Europe. If the coffee drinkers of Sweden were all forced into ‘Lemon and Ginger’, ‘Liquorice with Orange’, ‘Apple and Cinnamon’ I could stand the idea that tea drinkers should have to put up with this too. But the coffee drinkers wouldn’t dream of such a thing here where coffee is important. So why should tea drinkers? Why is it that tea has been marketed to people who don’t like tea by covering up the tea flavour with rubbish ingredients? The ridiculous thing is that I’m only asking for one plain tea to be stocked. If a cafe has 20 flavours of tea, could they not make one of them just tea flavoured? Tea aside, a nice cafe with simple uncooked food options – salads, rolls, toasted sandwiches, yoghurt, cakes.

Next Borgs Café & Brödbod (Tidigare, Systrarna Anderssons Hembageri) -Karlbergsvägen 45. Another cafe that you could slot into any part of Melbourne. A really nice feel. Unless you want special coffees you can refill your cup, as you can with tea. By now I was prepared, having a stock of teabags with me and happy to pay the price of their tea. Again, a good range of pastries, rolls, salads and one or two hot dishes. There was a typical Swedish breakfast special of pastry, coffee, juice, hardboiled egg and a ham and cheese roll. That was about $15. A really nice place to hang out – very light, unlike many in Stockholm – good music at an ambient volume. And about the cutest loo I’ve ever seen.

A block or so away we also tried Non Solo Bar for lunch, one of a line of cafes which are very popular with the locals. Tagliatelli with salmon was a very creamy sauce and orange in colour – I decided best not to speculate on that – but nice. Not too sweet, thankfully, given the Swedish fish-cream-sweet trinity. Reasonable value at around $20.

I could easily imagine spending a lot more time in cafes next time I’m in town and weather aside, it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine one is in Australia. English is the second language there, so it is all made as painless as possible for people like me!


5 thoughts on “Cafes in Stockholm

  1. I enjoy your blog thank you. I am presently in dark cold wet Gippsland so enjoy those gorgeous long northern days. Have you tried Filmjolk which is a type of yoghurt? I have been culturing it and it is delicious. It is mild and thinner than yoghurt at least mine is.


    • Manny said he didn’t like it and it put me off trying it when I picked it up at the supermarket. Next time I will try it on your recommendation!


      • Terrific. I look forward to hearing what you think of it. Mine is delicious, it is a little like a drinking yoghurt, I often mix it with some frozen raspberries and a little sugar. It is a room temperature yoghurt so it is very easy to culture. I have mine near the wood stove. You can use it in place of buttermilk in scones, wheaten bread and pancakes. Bon voyage!


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