Lyon: an all too brief encounter

The first time I decided to upgrade my accommodation was a very long time ago indeed. Staying at a B&B in Eastbourne I decided to lash out the extra 2 pounds for private bath and loo. My-oh-my did I get good value for that 2 pounds. I caught a bug going around the day I arrived and without going into the gory details, I got the 2 pounds back just in toilet paper, never mind the rest. I was so sick that I couldn’t stand up the next day, let alone get down the stairs and off to the bridge tournament.

It’s one of the things that’s stuck in my mind about travelling ever since. In theory as a tourist you are out and about all day and really, what’s the point of investing your travel money on your room? But in practice, you never know. On our way to Marseilles last week, we spent two days in Lyon, which I was really looking forward to, not least due to its reputation for restaurants. Our particular experience went like this: Day one it rained and rained. Day two sickness struck. That could have been two days miserably spent in miserable digs, but we’d made the fortuitous decision to stay at the Sofitel. A nice room, splendid bathroom, good wifi and, with a perfect location not just for going out and about, but also for staying in.

Unfortunately the main restaurant, which sounds worth a visit, was closed for holidays while we were there, but it was also the breakfast room and the views from the floor to ceiling windows was spectacular:

Sofitel Lyon restaurant
Sofitel Lyon restaurant

At night, on the top floor adjacent to the restaurant is the cocktail bar with different sweeping views:

Sofitel Lyon Bar
Sofitel Lyon Bar

We didn’t try out the spa or the fitness equipment, but it was nice to know it was there.

Despite the gods being against us, we managed to get up to the Basilica and the Roman theatre. We are going to have to do that again in kinder circumstances. The only other specific thing we did was take a 30 minute hike to the Paul Bocuse Food Hall. It shouldn’t have taken that long, more like 20 minutes, but the rain slowed us down. Another trip maybe we’ll eat there, it was a pleasure to wander around, that’s for sure. Marseilles, Lyon….both towns for further investigation, sooner than later, I hope.


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