Outside drinking in Geneva.

Good on the Geneva council for trying to stop drinking outside on Rue de L’Ecole de Medecine. It’s horrible living next to groups of people getting pissed and being dicks. Switzerland has a very simple approach to noise. It’s not social, it’s anti-social.

So the idea that the drinkers are going to stage a demonstration tonight is pathetic. Go home. Get pissed. Quietly so that other people around you can have their lives.

The thing I find most interesting about the situation as it unfolds – the young drinkers who think, seriously, that they ‘made’ this street, which means it used to be somewhere they didn’t want to go and therefore didn’t exist – is the very idea that there is ‘nothing for young people to do in Geneva’. There is no ‘night life’ in Geneva.

What a pathetic definition of nightlife. Geneva is the most amazing place for culture. It still has ten or so independent cinemas – though, alas, they struggle. It has many theatre groups. It has much live music of all kinds. It has opera. It has bridge clubs. Chess clubs. Reading groups. Acting groups. Knitting groups. You can tango outside on the side of the lake. Or rollerskate if that’s more your thing. I’ve never seen a place with so much stuff you can do at night relative to population. You can go to bed early enough to get up in the morning. Mornings are beautiful in Geneva.

But the only thing that actually defines ‘night life’ for ‘young people’ and this seems to include, say, thirty year olds, so people who used to have jobs and children and the commensurate life, is getting hugely pissed outside other people’s residences and being really loud and offensive about it. That is apparently their definition of what fun should be. I might add, that one of their justifications for ruining the lives of people who try to live on the streets they turn into pisspots is that it’s ‘known’ that this is what they are, so people ‘choose’ to live there. That argument would be bollocks anywhere, but especially in Geneva where there is often no choice about where to live.

I wish the residents of the area nothing but the best of luck in their ongoing battle to make their district livable again. I hope our area does the same.


3 thoughts on “Outside drinking in Geneva.

  1. I know you’re always very negative about Islam, but you have to admit they got it right on alcohol. Just take a good look at those loud, annoying people outside our window next time they bother you. Are any of them wearing a keffiyeh or a burkha? Thought not.


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