How does your gelato bar measure up?

Have you ever had this flavour?

Coffee-strawberry-mint-chocolate-oreos-cinnamon-watermelon-mango-pistachio-dark chocolate with ginger-

So, you’ve set up your gelato bar. The lease, the refrigeration, the staff etc. Oh yeah. And the icecream scoop. I mean, that’s the big expense, isn’t it? So you buy the one and whatever the customer asks for, they get the icecream I’ve just described above or some variation of it. They may or may not swish the scoop around in a bit of dirty water for a while first, which strikes me as even worse.

Not good enough, icecream bars. Go the extra yard. Buy the extra scoopers. That means you, Movenpick.


2 thoughts on “How does your gelato bar measure up?

  1. Can we start a campaign? I’d like to suggest a slogan:



    Now all we need is a graphic artist. I can already see the picture in my inner eye, but I don’t think I can draw it.


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