Basillica. Something to do with lots of basil.

Another thing to do with too much basil – I made this up and haven’t made it for ages, so I’m curious as to whether it’s as good as I recall. Report if you try it, please!


pine nuts
a bunch of basil for two people
creme fraiche
cheddar cheese


While the spaghetti is boiling:

Toast pine nuts.

Render the fat from bacon rashers and then fry diced bacon in the fat.

Puree about a bunch of basil leaves with at least 2 large dollops of creme fraiche. Add this to the frying pan. Warm gently.

When pasta is nearing to cooked, add to the sauce some of the cooking liquid. Stir, decide if you have added enough – start with too little, not too much.

While spaghetti is draining, add some grated cheddar to the sauce.

Mix in the spaghetti, thoroughly coat it.

Serve with pine nuts on top.


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