Avocado with cocktail sauce

Moving on from the last post, something for the teetotallers and the vegetarians.

The sauce:

tomato sauce (ie Rosella or some inferior brand)
Worcestershire sauce
Freshly ground pepper

Mess around with the proportions, maybe 2 tblsp of tomato sauce to one of yoghurt?

And I never seem to make enough of it, so make more than you will need.

Now the hard part. Slice open the avocado, take out the seed. You may be the sort of person who has a special bowl for serving avocados so they don’t slip. I think you simply slice just a tiny bit from the bottom of the round part. Put it on a plate and generously fill the hollow with the cocktail sauce

I guess adding prawns to this would make it posh, but it is yummy without.


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