2015 Visit to Australia Part I: the eating winners

Best overall:

Ichitaro King William Road Hyde Park SA

Simply the best Japanese by far either of us have eaten outside a couple of particularly special meals in Hakodate. We went here five times in a week, sampling both the excellent value lunch menu a couple of times and the wonderful, exquisitely presented dinner menu. I’m guessing this is considered a medium-priced restaurant locally. Here in Geneva we’d weep with joy if we had something near us selling this sort of food at near the price. Australians just don’t know how lucky you are.

Best overall ignoring price:

Ezards at the Adelphi in Melbourne

I have wondered if Ezards could be as good as it used to be, but a sampling of their Express Lunch menu knocked those doubts out of my head.


The waiter took care to advise is that the serves were small and that’s certainly the case. Three courses still left room for dessert. I wondered if Ezard has toned down the flamboyance of the desserts, which appealed to me more than they used to in the days I could trot in for a meal on a whim.

You are not only paying for stunning food requiring the utmost expertise to prepare. You are paying for surroundings which permit a civil meeting. No loud music, no bad acoustics. no crammed together diners.

We went to a huge number of restaurants on our trip this year. More to come…


One thought on “2015 Visit to Australia Part I: the eating winners

  1. Everything at Ichitaro was fantastic, but the soft shell crab tempura was simply unbelievable. If you’re in the area, go there at once and order some.


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