2015 Australian visit part II: Best breakfast

Best breakfast in Melbourne

Miss Jackson: Jackson St, St Kilda West

I was crestfallen to discover it has changed hands not so long ago, but a very good cafe has been taken to new heights. We spent a month in Melbourne and sampled the entire menu of Miss Jackson’s less one dish.

Impeccable standards, creative ideas, excellent coffee and more to the point, since it is not to be taken for granted, the best tea, all made it our place of choice in an area where choice is rampant. The staff turned down the music when asked on the only day it seemed to compete with conversation.

This is how good Miss Jackson is: they do brussel sprouts for breakfast. And you see that on the menu and naturally you go elsewhere. To the French toast which is made inhouse, the amazing Indian roti breakfast, the housemade baked beans , the – you get the drift. But as you work your way through the menu eventually you are at that point. You’ve eaten a dozen perfect breakfasts at Miss Jackson. The staff keep telling you how good the brussel sprouts are. Oh my. They are SO right. The brussel sprouts are brilliant.

Honourable mentions for breakfast

The Duchess of Spotswood

If I lived over that side of town, I think this would make up for being so very far from Miss J. A sophisticated English menu executed with care AND they let me have a toasted sandwich off the kiddies’ menu – yeah, as well as a proper breakfast.

The Auction Rooms

Maybe the same is to be said for this North Melbourne institution. Hang out with youngsters and you pick up their habits, I guess. We queued to get into this place with my nephew. I sat there in a line thinking so much for principles. Once we started eating I had to admit that breaking a principle may sometimes be the best thing one can do with it.


Nothing’s changed here, it packs them in for breakfast with good reason.

Best breakfast in Adelaide

Chianti Classico wins my vote. An exquisite highend menu delivers what it promises. It has by far the best toast we had while away – their own ciabatta is superb. It’s also most expensive, but I am happy to pay extra for a cloth serviette, no (or quiet) music, and the extra-special service.

Others we regularly go to when in Adelaide have remained good without starring are Mother’s Milk and Rosey’s on Unley Road. Adding to the scene there is Pickle in the Middle, more or less across the road from Rosey’s. Their breakfast menu put me off a bit – scary healthy.

Manny, for example, had this:

Breakfast greens 15
Poached egg, shredded kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, snow peas, brown rice + red quinoa, pickled chilli lime vinaigrette (GF, V; available Vgn)

But why would I not trust a place competing in an area where that must be tough? It was really good. If we’d gone back I would have been trying it.

Normally we do a bit of travelling afield to try new breakfast places in Adelaide, but this time we didn’t manage. We did step inside The Loose Caboose on a Sunday morning, but there was a queue and we had a train to catch. The only other new place we tried was Bar Nine on Glen Osmond Road, you could walk right by without noticing it – and we did. Yet when you get inside it’s a bit like St Ali in South Melbourne: packed to the rafters. We found the food a bit disappointing here: it looks better written down than in the delivery. But I’d be willing to try it again, all the same. And the presentation of tea is truly weird. One way or another they didn’t charge me for my tea, but despite that concession, I wouldn’t order it again.


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