Strawberries on Toast

Leave right now if you aren’t super skilled in the kitchen. This will be right over your head.


Really nice fruit bread, not horrible fruit bread from a plastic bag found in the supermarket
Really nice strawberries
Really good butter

Got the theme here? We want best ingredients.


Toast bread
While bread is toasting, wash and dry and slice some strawberries


When toast is finished, butter toast and put the strawberries on top




Experiment as yet untried

Add freshly ground pepper on top


3 thoughts on “Strawberries on Toast

    • True, true. Eating by Manny. When the documentary of making of the musical of the film of the recipe comes out, I will make sure you get credit.


      • Hey! I’m the Little Red Hen of this story! WHO cut the bread? WHO put it in the toaster? WHO sliced the strawberries? WHO buttered the toast? WHO had a second helping, in the interests of demonstrating that the effect was reproducible under controlled conditions?

        Answer to all the above: me, that’s who. The credits in no way reflect my contribution.


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