Is makeup about turning women into something less than human?

I’m simply mystified, in the case of Tracey Spicer, for example, why a person would rather look like the thing on the left than the person on the right?

Tracey Spicer

The person on the right looks nice and quirky and fun and all sorts of good things. The picture on the left is plastic. The human being has been processed out of the body.

The same goes for photographic alterations to women, supposedly to make them look better. I showed Manny these women before and after the photographic ‘improvements’ made to them. He made the comment that the ‘improved’ women all look like robots. Is that the point?

Not only should women look like personality-less robots, but skinny robots too. Look at this picture from the link above.

Faith Hill

One of the problems that has been fixed up here is to make this women’s arms thinner so that we aren’t offended by their gross natural state. You WERE offended, right? You looked at that woman’s left arm and thought ‘Seriously? I have to look at that?’ At the risk of repeating myself, what the fuck? How could anybody actually think that the stick on the right looks better than the arm on the left???? Apart from that, the thing on the right looks plastic, it’s had the real person sucked out of it.

And females from the earliest ages bear the brunt of our willingness to be addicted to shit like this. They are raised now, expecting and desiring from the earliest ages to change their bodies to conform with made-up and misguided fantasies as to what they should look like. Aren’t women ashamed that they are bringing up their daughters to such a life? Tracey Spicer found that shame helped her overcome her addiction to ‘beauty’. Are other mothers taking this stand too? I hope so.


2 thoughts on “Is makeup about turning women into something less than human?

  1. I can’t believe that you saw Ex Machina only last week and now you post this. Did you learn NOTHING from the film?


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