Feeding two in Geneva for 150/week – day 2

Day two

Toast with strawberries

Best strawberries and good bread.

Toast 1
strawberries 3
butter .20

Total 4.20

During the day
orange juice 1.50
apple .50

Spaghetti with white bean sauce

beans 1
tomato paste .50
salt pepper
garlic .50
rosemary .30
olive oil .50
stock cube .40c

Total 3.20 / 4 = .80

spaghetti 1.40
cheddar cheese 1

Total 3.20

Fishcakes English style and salad

English fishcakes
English fishcakes

I buy best salad mix fresh from the market and avocado is a compulsory luxury for us. I also buy the best tinned tuna I can afford – from Spain in olive oil. Budget aside it is Ortiz bio at 5.90 112g for me.

Potatoes 1.5
tuna, tinned Spanish 85g 2.45
salad greens 100g 2.6
avocado 1/2 1.25
sundries (oil, vinegar, tiny amount of flour, fish sauce) 1

Total 8.80

Day 2 total cost: 18.20

Running total: 36.40


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