Fish cakes as the English have them.

Boys love this. Surely that’s evidence of intelligent design, how easy it is to keep boys happy.


Ingredients for two

A smallish tin of tuna in oil preferably, but drained
2 largish potatoes
Thai fish sauce
Lemon rind finely chopped or grated
Freshly ground pepper. Salt if you please: it might depend on the tuna.

For the crumbs:

Flour in a flat-bottomed bowl
A beaten egg
Dry breadcrumbs, preferably made yourself, honestly, it’s worth it.


Peel the potatoes and chop, then boil until cooked.
Mash and thoroughly mix in the other ingredients. The fish sauce is imperative.

When cool, pick up a handful or so and flatten a little. Cover with flour, then egg and lastly dry breadcrumbs.

Cooking: heat butter, ghee or olive oil in a pan. Don’t be mean with it, enough to make the crumbs happy – they love fat. Fry until golden brown on both sides.

There just isn’t a way to serve seafood with vegetables except potato, of course, so that’s it. A few of them on each plate and serve.

Feel good food for any time.


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