Feeding two in Geneva 150CHF/week – day 3

I’ve been reading online forum discussions regarding food budgets in Switzerland. There are some obvious tips given from time to time which I don’t want to follow.

1) I want to buy my food in Switzerland, not across the border. People living in Switzerland are paid well and that is in the reasonable expectation that this money will support the local community.

2) I want to buy my fresh food at markets, not cheap supermarkets. In Geneva that means going to Rive market on Saturdays and Plainpalais market from time to time. There are a few exceptions that we regularly buy from supermarkets: in particular bags of oranges. I love markets, I’d feel very sad if they weren’t there. They provide better standard of produce than supermarkets and a complete range of prices from very cheap to expensive. You get the best chance to shop around, spot the bargains, but buy the best when that’s the right thing to do. You might be given a bunch of parsley or some chives as you leave. There is a relationship there. When was the last time you got that at a supermarket?

Day three

Avocado on toast as God intended: with vegemite.

Toast 1.50
avocado 1.40
butter and vegemite .30
orange juice 1

Total 4.20


We have a vegetarian visitor for lunch today, hence its lavish nature. This is a meal fit for a king and it is costing us 7.40 CHF. I can’t imagine living without Indian vegetarian cuisine.

Chana masala with spinach

spinach 500g 4
onion 250g 1
garlic and ginger 1
chickpeas (bio, dried) 1
sundries (spices) 1

8CHF / 4 meals = 2


best aged basmati rice 1
onion .50
garlic .30
ghee .50
sundries (spices, almonds, sultanas) 1.00

3.30CHF / 3 meals = 1.10

Spicy green beans (half of a batch made earlier) = 3.80

Mango chutney .50

Total 7.40

Leftovers from lunch 2

Total for day: 13.60

Running total: 49.80


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