Feeding two in Geneva 150/week – day 4

It’s Saturday shop time. Are you getting in your car to drive to a monster shopping centre, maybe across the border hoping you don’t get caught?

We are about to do our fresh food shop – our main one for the week. We will be walking along the lake to the Rive market, it’s a glorious day. We won’t be in a rush, we’ll check everything out first before committing.

First we kicked off with some porridge. All the ingredients are bio: the whole oats, the cream, the banana, the milk. Sprinkled or strewn on top when eating is sticky brown sugar from England. I have no idea how to buy it in Switzerland and other sugar just doesn’t do the job. I keep hoping that we can stick to some bio ingredients without breaking our budget.

Porridge with banana, cream and sticky brown sugar.

oats .50
milk .30
banana .50
cream 2
orange juice 1.50

Total: 4.80

Spaghetti with tuna, tomatoes, pine nuts and black olive paste

spaghetti 1.50
tuna 5.90
tomatoes 200g 3.50
pine nuts .50
olive paste 1
sundries: olive oil, shallots, garlic, chilli 1
parmesan 1.50

Total: 14.90

Eeek. At 20CHF a day that leaves .30 for dinner. Just as well we have been invited out to dine on truffles. Mmmmm.

Total for day: 19.70

Running total: 69.50


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