Feeding two in Geneva 150CHF/week – day 7

I have a strong antipathy towards UHT and in general the supermarkets here sell UHT coconut milk. Even Globus. Coop did sell canned non-UHT, but not the last time we were there. At any rate, I got some at a local Chinese grocery store which is very expensive so I’m guessing 3.30 for a can of coconut milk wasn’t a great budget buy.

Cereal with fruit

Cereal 1
fruit 3
orange juice 1.3
milk .50

Total 5.80

Spaghetti with anchovies

spaghetti 1.50
anchovies .60
parsley 1.5 bunches 2.25
parmesan 1.50
sundries: chilli, garlic, stock cube .40

Total 6.25

Pumpkin soup with toast

1.5kg pumpkin 5
can coconut milk 3.30
onion .30
sundries: garlic, ginger, chilli, stock cube, fresh coriander 1.80

10.40CHF / 4 = 2.60

toast, buttered 1.50

Total 4.10

2 clementines, 2 apples 1.60

Total day 7: 17.75

Running total: 121.35


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