Feeding two in Geneva 150CHF/week – conclusion of week 1.

After one week we are up 28.65 – goodness that feels like a lot of money! I can see there are lots of ways it could be spent.

(1) We’d be wondering how often we’d be able to eat fresh seafood on 150/week. 28.65 will let us have fish soup, or perhaps salmon udon noodles with enough left for some mussels maybe in a spaghetti sauce. Alternatively it would buy a packet of frozen Australian green prawns in their shell from Manor. That could go all at once, or it could spread over several dishes of Japanese soup noodles.

(2) Equally I can see it permits us to invite people to dinner once a week without worrying about busting the budget.

(3) This week was entirely meat-free. The closest we got was tinned fish. So we can actually afford to buy some meat/poultry.

(4) It can go towards luxuries such as saffron threads which we love to use.

Waste: we haven’t wasted a thing this week and I’d say in general our level of food waste is very low.


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