Striking for fairness in Geneva

There has been a lot of unrest in Switzerland over past months. For some reason ordinary people here don’t necessarily agree that they should foot the bill for the rich. Today is the second public servant strike here and these are pictures I took from my windows a few minutes ago.












Civil servant strike day two Wednesday November 11, 2015.
Civil servant strike day two Wednesday November 11, 2015.

You can see more about the story here. But it’s the same old story. The divide between the rich and others in Switzerland is enormous. There are special rules for the rich. An obnoxious example from Zug recently is the notion that really rich foreigners who want to become citizens here shouldn’t have to conform to citizen requirements such as learning the local language. Uggh, Zug. What are you thinking of?

The banks, as you will know, have been in the firing line here for unethical conducts resulting in enormous amounts of money being handed over to the US – and to some other countries, one expects. Who pays for that? People like my friend Yirlean who is down the banking food chain. Her office got moved from a few minutes’ walk from home to Nyon, a town 30km from Geneva. She was forced to take a pay cut as well as having to pay expensive travel fees to and from work. She has two little children and a non-work day that is now a couple of hours shorter. That’s who pays.


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