Feeding two in Geneva 150CHF/week – day 9

I’d been meaning to make Ottolenghi’s Green pancakes with lime butter for ages. It was an elegant lunch for three – it’d do four at a pinch, but I’d make the mixture just a bit more generous; this would be easy.

Porridge with brown sugar and cream
Orange juice

Costed here but we used a little less cream.

Total 4.30

We had a visitor for lunch, so this fed three of us.
Green pancakes with lime butter

For the lime butter
100g unsalted butter 1
Zest 1 lime plus 2 tbsp lime juice .30
sundries .50

For the pancakes

110g self-raising flour .30
1 tbsp baking powder .30
2 eggs 1.60
50g unsalted butter, melted .50
sundries including chillies and oil 1.50
150ml milk .30
10 spring onions, finely sliced 1
250g baby spinach 2

Salad of baby beet leaves 3

Total 12.30

Unstructured bits and pieces, largely toast and cheese.

Total 3

Total for day 9: 19.60

Running total: 162.65


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