Want to learn Australian?

Ever wondered what a drongo is? Daks? Barbie? Tinnie? Have Oz friends and would like to understand their lingo?

If you go here, you will find this:

The best fucking speech-enabled CALL course on the web

If you want to learn to speak the beautiful Australian language, here’s your chance. For your pleasure and edification, a crack team of software engineers and computational linguists, assisted by several attractive and highly qualified Australian native speakers, have slaved for months to create this piece of state-of-the-art web software. Follow the instructions below, which we’ve made so simple that even a Pom should be able to understand them, and you’ll be speaking Strine in no time.

Fair dinkum!

You may, ahem, find the voice sounds familiar. But I deny any further involvement other than finding it my duty to take part in the picture selection for ‘daks’.

Who is it for?

  • Australians who need a refresher.
  • Australians who need a laugh.
  • Aliens hoping to be let into Australia.
  • Aliens who can’t afford the fare but who want a taste.
  • Anybody wanting to become bilingual.
  • Anybody interested in linguistics.

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