Pasties Adelaide style

Some years ago I was in Civic in Canberra and asked if the pasties at the ‘award winning bakery’ were nice. She said ‘yes’ as I was continuing on to explain that I was from Adelaide. ‘Oh no,’ she corrected herself. ‘You won’t think they are nice if you are from Adelaide.’ She went on to wax lyrical about Adelaide pasties and I felt like asking her ‘So why don’t you just make them like that?’ Outside Adelaide it is hard to get a decent pasty in Australia – in fact, you can even add Cornwall to that.

pasty 6

Adelaide pasties

Ingredients as available in Switzerland

puff pastry bought as I couldn’t find shortcrust that wasn’t sweetened

5 medium sized potatoes
2 medium sized carrots
2 turnips, medium sized
mysterious small yellow root vegetables that I used in place of a swede
300-350g minced beef


While the oven is heating to about 170/180C, moderately hot, at any rate, finely chop the vegetables. I do mean finely as they are going into the oven uncooked and you need them to cook as quickly as the pastry.

Mix well with the beef mince, salt and pepper to taste. Salt is important.

Make pasty shapes to taste, this time I used round pieces of pastry, wet the edges, add the mix in the middle, don’t overdo it as they may burst. Crimp firmly closed. Prick tops a few times, brush with milk and pop in the oven.

If you are eating them straight from the oven, give them close to 30 minutes – but check after 20 minutes to make sure they aren’t burning. You can put a bit of alfoil on top if you feel like they need longer but the pastry’s there.

If you are going to be reheating these – I usually freeze them – then undercook them a bit as they will finish cooking when reheating.

If you are reheating and they are frozen, they make take up to an hour, keep an eye on them.

One of the things I really miss when I’m not in Adelaide. They are great cold – maybe better cold – so they can be picnic food.


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