Eggs and yoghurt in Peter Gordon’s style

We used to regularly eat at the Providores and Tapa Room when in London, but at some point we realised that the only dish we really REALLY wanted was the ‘Turkish Eggs‘. And that being the case, why couldn’t we make such a simple dish ourselves?

Fast forward some years and finally we’ve done it, more or less as per the link above.

Ingredients for two

  • four pieces of toast
  • 4 eggs
  • about half a cup of strained yoghurt, room temperature
  • finely chopped or crushed garlic
  • a teensy amount of chilli
  • butter
  • olive oil
  • parsley or chives


  • mix the yoghurt with a little olive oil and the garlic in a serving bowl
  • bring water to a gentle simmer in a wide pan and gently slide in eggs from a saucer
  • make the toast
  • on a low heat melt the butter and swish in the chilli when melted. Turn off the heat, but you can leave the butter there to stay warm


On the toast place the eggs, which you removed with a slotted spoon. Drizzle with the butter. The yoghurt can be placed on top or on the side. A little finely chopped parsley or chives can be strewn across the eggs and butter if desired. We didn’t today.

This is somewhat different to how it is done in Providores where the eggs and yoghurt concoction is served in a bowl with toast on the side. As you please.

Thoughts on poaching eggs

This was my first time trying the wide pan and gentle poaching. Usually I do the ferociously boiling deep pan with the vortex and all that. But I find it really stressful, timing has to be perfect, it’s hard to see what’s going on, and after removal the egg still cooks fairly quickly, not surprising given what it’s been subjected to.

I thought I hadn’t put enough water in the wide pan today – the tips of the yolks were slightly exposed. But in the end I simply ladled water gently over the yolks and that worked a treat. At the end it was easy to see that the eggs were ready and they didn’t firm up as they were being eaten, which I attribute to the more gentle cooking.

Word of the day: GENTLE. This is a recipe that needs things to be done gently! But also quickly, if not frantically. You want everything to be hot when you are serving.

I didn’t add any of those things that are supposed to help the eggs during the poaching and mine behaved well.

Don’t forget

You have to make the tea whilst all this is going on…what would such a meal be like without tea?




5 thoughts on “Eggs and yoghurt in Peter Gordon’s style

  1. This is totally delicious, and you get free entertainment too as you watch the eggs poach. It’s a little piece of performance art in its own right.


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