Four greens pasta sauce

Wanting some sort of variation on this green vegetable pasta sauce, I ended up with zucchini, broccoli, parsley and chives as my greens. This was a strictly vegetarian version with white wine. I also wanted the broccoli to be overcooked. Love the way Chinese dishes make almost raw broccoli work, but those aside I think it sucks if it’s underdone.

As it happened, we were in Leiden last week and I tried one of the top rated cafes where, as a change from soup and sandwiches (so often the offerings there) I had their pasta dish. At the time of writing, Bistro Noroc is rated #3 on Trip Advisor of all restaurants in Leiden. It is tiny and therefore has nothing like a proper kitchen. Food is kept very simple. The pasta included pesto, sun dried tomatoes and other bits and pieces. For me the zucchini which featured, was undercooked in large pieces which were hard to cut through and too big to want whole in one bite. It made me come back thinking next time I put it in a pasta sauce I’m going to cook it ’til it’s given in.

The advantage of over-cooking such a sauce is that the vegetables take on the taste of the sauce’s liquid, white wine and olive oil in this case. But you can have your cake and eat it. Overcook these, then add parsley near the end, just to wilt. And snip the chives onto the top when serving. Toasted pine nuts went in this too.

I suppose in general that using four greens rather than one for such a sauce gives more balance to your food consumption. And it’s a good way of using up bits you might have sitting about the crisper.


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