Tracks – Oz film #19

Director John Curran

What DO you have to do to make a buck in the film industry? I don’t understand what makes money and what doesn’t. How can this movie have failed?

The story is one of those truth stranger than fiction affairs. One could almost say that deciding as a young woman to cross Australia with a few camels for company was not a remarkable thing for Robyn Davidson. Her life’s story was not downhill from there. But it was a huge story which gripped the world at the time. Later she stayed with Doris Lessing whilst writing the book. And much later again, we have Mia Waskowska playing Davidson in the film.

What a versatile actor she is. Unrecognisable going from Only Lovers Left Alive to this, in the same year. And reading of her background, one imagines she might have been born to play Davidson. To think there was talk of Julia Roberts playing the role. There should be some sort of rule for movies with camels in them. The lead human shouldn’t have a bigger mouth than the camel’s.

If good acting and heroic true stories aren’t your thing, then you might watch this for the scenery and the animals. Truth be told, my impetus was to point out to Manny there’s nothing out back. He keeps wanting to go and look at it. Well, now he’s seen every darn dune of an entire desert.  I’m hoping that’s changed his mind.

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