Neighbours – Oz film #20

I’ve never seen Neighbours, but having been shown this extraordinary description of it by US writer Ann Patchett I feel as if I’ve missed out big time.

She and her friend Lucy are travelling around at the time, and are in Aberdeen Scotland:

After we finished up at the Royal Infirmary we had just enough time to make it home to see Neighbours, an Australian soap opera starring Kylie Minogue that the whole city was enslaved to. The streets emptied out when Neighbours was on. It was completely spellbinding because, unlike American soap operas with their split-personality amnesiacs, this program showed a world in which nothing happened at all, a world not unlike Aberdeen. In the two weeks I was there a character brought a guest into the boardinghouse where she lived and the guest spilled a little nail polish on the living room carpet, where she absolutely no business painting her nails in the first place. That drop of polish reached the level of Greek tragedy. Men discussed it in the pubs. Lucy and I talked about it for years. Truth and Beauty p.68

Wow. Just WOW!

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