The Great Gatsby Oz movie #21

6 reasons Baz shouldn’t even have thought of it. They all have the word fucking in them.

(1) I wonder if there’s another ‘Australian’ movie as unAustralian as this one? Unless jobs for the boys counts as a particularly Australian thing to do. To change – nigh on mutilate – one of the great stories in order to get Jack Thompson a role is fucking bizarre. Yes, I’m that cross about it.

(2) You knew Australians o/s were going to take their friends to it. Why would you want to embarrass them like that? Jack Thompson. What were you fucking thinking?

(3) The narrator is a really important role, not just there to create an incidental part for Jack Thompson. You ruined his credibility by turning him into a mental asylum inmate who was on the booze way too much for his own good. And for yours, Baz. WTF?

(4) Jordan. You ruined Jordan. What was the point of doing that? How could you have left out the scene where she cheats at golf? It is vital to the story, Baz. Fucking shaking my head, here Baz.

(5) We all know you love a party Baz. Big budget parties on film sets? Right up your alley. But it isn’t enough for this movie. The story is so much more and you ground it into the dirt along with your cigarette butt after you’d finished with it. Fuck it Baz, why not just become a party caterer? Forget the movies. Jack Thompson could do the cooking.

(6) The 3rd Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards might have got themselves into a lathered frenzy about the whole affair, but there is still history to deal with, Baz. And it is never going to forgive you. Seriously, Baz, what the fuck where you thinking?

Bottom line: See Mia and Robert doing it in the seventies version. It’s great.

So, back to the 3rd AACTAA awards. The Great Gatsby won every single category for which it qualified except one. It even won best adapted screenplay. The film we’ll be looking at here next post couldn’t get a look in at the 2013 awards. I suppose it was because it didn’t have Jack Thompson in it.

For a thoughtful commentary on the Baz version, go here.

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