Goldstone – Oz movie #23

You will already know the plot of Goldstone. Big bad mining company pulling the wool over the eyes of Indigenous owners of the land they wish to defile. The Adani scandal’s been around long enough that one isn’t sure if this movie is life imitating art or vice versa.

It’s hard to disagree with the statement that it’s tighter than Mystery Road. But does its more conventional story line make it better? David Wenham, my pick for about the best actor in the world, sports long socks with shorts – no wonder Maureen has the hots for him. It’s a wonderfully creepy role for Jackie Weaver, sort of evil manipulator who bakes on the side.

If you want to read a mind-bogglingly ignorant trashing of this movie by an American, go here. The fact that he calls Maureen ‘cheery’ goes to show how completely he fails to understand the movie.

I prefer the chief adversarial relationship in Mystery Road. Hugo Weaving largely on the wrong side of the fine line between good and evil is memorable. Alex Russell has a harder job – wavering on the line, nice guy who might fall off…I won’t say if he does or not.

I don’t really understand why it’s called a sequel to Mystery Road. It’s got the same main character, but that’s it. Different place populated by different people otherwise. Aaron Pedersen is terrific, on the way down due to personal issues scarcely referred to, but never quite losing it. The shootout scene is splendid. Nothing like the American version of that staple Western routine.

As Ivan Sen says, ‘Action shouldn’t be thought of as trash’. It is part of an interesting interview about Goldstone and his way of making movies – he does almost everything himself, even the music in this one – which you can find here.

We need more Ivan Sens in the world and less film critics who haven’t a clue.

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