Truth and bio-pics

Dear makers of movies. The truth does matter and it isn’t what you think it is.

Quoting from an article about whether movies about the truth have to be factually correct: “Yet a Google search of each of these titles will produce a long list of factual inaccuracies. And that’s OK — because these films are not about facts, they are about something much more elusive and important: truth.”

I’m a historian and my problem is that this sounds like something Donald Trump says every morning looking in the mirror.

Is there some special reason why Trump would be pilloried the internet over for saying that, whereas movie makers have a dispensation?

Not to mention, it may be an easy way to get your history, from novels, bio-pics, histo-pics etc. But after you stop reading or stop watching you have no idea which bits were true and which bits weren’t. ‘x’ didn’t necessarily know ‘y’. ‘b’ didn’t necessarily go to ‘c’. ‘f’ didn’t necessarily legislate ‘g’. Some of that was MADE UP, folks. So, not only don’t you know which bits were made up, but – scarily – you don’t know WHY things were changed. Some of them are changed for political reasons. Some of them are changed for ‘entertainment’ reasons. Sexist reasons. Etc. If you want to know the truth you have to stop getting your history from movies.

Isn’t that just bloody obvious? Sigh.





4 thoughts on “Truth and bio-pics

    • I figured that Churchill was too big a topic for me to check out after I watched the movie. However, it had one aspect I really liked: instead of making up interactions between him and ‘commoners’ they did the Underground scene, which I thought was a very clever way of presenting a point, whilst making clear that the detail was invented.


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