Adelaide Fringe 2019:Ministers of Grace: The Unauthorised Shakespearean Parody of Ghostbusters


Let’s start with a five star show.

Eight talented (professional) actors from the UK take on whatever roles are called for in this action-packed eighty minutes of hilarious silliness. I had the disadvantage of not having seen the movie, but took the cue from a group up the front who were laughing hard every minute. You pick up the idea of the story early and if you are a Shakespeare fan it’s a delight whether or not you’ve watched the Bill Murray version.

I’m sure Shakespeare would have loved it too.

So on the night we went there weren’t enough people there. I don’t get this. It sold out Edinburgh, but apparently Adelaide wants circus, comedy that requires no thought and ‘cabaret’; not much else. Without a doubt this show was at the wrong venues, it should have been at the Bakehouse or at Holden St. But still.

Adelaide. Can’t we show the same taste as Edinburgh? So get ye to Angle Park and see what may be the best value show of the Fringe 2019.

You can book here.

If you are a Facebook Person you can find REDuck Producktions here. Otherwise they seem a bit hard to find online.

4 thoughts on “Adelaide Fringe 2019:Ministers of Grace: The Unauthorised Shakespearean Parody of Ghostbusters

  1. Thou sayest thou writest a review. How be this, prithee? For to review, that must certes be to view again; yet hast thou seen the play but once. Ifaith, thou must see the thing a second time, is’t not so? I will accompany thee if need must; and I fancy that should we first gape at Master Murray’s renowned spectacle Ghostbuster, then will our enjoyment be yet greater.


  2. Hi Cathyc,

    Glad you enjoyed this fab show.

    Just regarding your comments on the venue, many shows are selling out sessions at The Parks this year but those shows have had time to promote in the local area. This show came to the venue at the last minute.

    A lot of time and effort has been put into rebuilding this venue over the past few years after it was saved from demolition. Wouldn’t it be great if we could support our local venues as part of the Fringe and spend less at Melbourne owned venues such as The Garden.

    Thanks for encouraging people to come to The Parks to see it. Worth the very short drive from the city to see a really good show in an air conditioned venue with free parking. There are some other exceptional shows here too. You should check them out.



    • Ceri, you are so right. I boycott The Garden and the other thing next to it. There are wonderful civilised small venues, totally South Australian, which work really hard all year to bring reasonably priced, excellent quality theatre (etc) to the ‘burbs. I will definitely try to get to The Parks at some point. Goodwood Institute. Bakehouse. Holden Street. Marion Cultural Centre. ETC!


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