Adelaide Fringe 2019: Once and Future The myth and music of Albion


Once and Future: The myth and music of Albion
Elephant in the Room Productions

Personally I’d take The Fringe back to the good ole days. But I can’t. So, I’m left with looking at the bright side of how it is now…and that’s the sorting. If you want a partying time, go to the East Parklands. If you don’t, there are lots of great venues around town (and the State) putting on wonderful shows. I’ve learned that the secret to what I want from the Fringe is to go by venue.

Some of that’s obvious: Holden St and Bakehouse are the centres for theatre. La Boheme for an intimate music experience. As for churches: I don’t expect ever to see a bad music performance in a church. St Peter’s Cathedral has the haunting acoustics that are made for a production like this. Eight unaccompanied voices, all with strong singing credentials. Jamie Moffatt has put together a spell-binding show (pun if you like) of one of the world’s great stories. I’d forgotten how good it is. He’s taken various sources for the King Arthur legend and put his stamp on them. The music is a truly creative and thoughtful collection of songs that fit perfectly. Exquisitely arranged for a talented group of voices.

The show’s 1 hour 20, great value time-wise compared with some of the things I’ve been to this Fringe. HIGHLY recommend getting to one of their two remaining performances in Port Adelaide tomorrow (Sunday), afternoon and evening.

One thought on “Adelaide Fringe 2019: Once and Future The myth and music of Albion

  1. Totally fabulous, from the original arrangement of Queen’s “The Prophet’s Song” at the beginning to “My Love, She Smelleth” by P.D.Q. Bach at the end. I shall look out for more P.D.Q. Bach.


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