Netflix: a platform built on addiction

Get ’em addicted and make ’em pay. I have a lot of friends who are addicted to the ease of Netflix. It doesn’t seem to bother them that they are not in control of what they watch, that they are seeing it in inferior circumstances and most importantly how much it is costing them.

To a man they seem to think it is cheap. Think again, my friends. Add to the cost of the payment you directly make to Netflix, the fact that it is stealing enormous amounts of money which should be tax paid to Australia. Michael West and Jeffrey Knapp provide a detailed expose of this – A Netflix Original: Dreams of Theft Downunder – in the most recent edition of MW. You are supporting the bad guys if you support Netflix. It has turned you into its stooges. Talk about bread and circusses.

And think of Mark Thompson’s dire warning that the UK faces ‘total loss of cultural sovereignty’ if Netflix and its ilk aren’t stopped right now.

“A society which fails to provide its different communities and groups with the means to listen and come to understand each other’s pasts and presents shouldn’t be surprised if mutual incomprehension and division are the consequence. If you doubt that any of this connects to real-world politics and national well-being, you need to pay more attention.”

The former BBC boss said that during discussions in 2007 to launch the iPlayer streaming service, he met Netflix’s founder, Reed Hastings, who offered some stark advice: “I don’t know why you’re bothering Mark, you’ll never beat my algorithm. Why not just give us all your content instead?”

For a full report of this speech, see The Guardian. Of course it’s the same here in Australia.

My friends, do you not have enough self-respect to want to be something more than a bit in an algorithm? Netflix is an algorithm devised to make a huge amount of money from those who get trapped in it. Untrap yourselves please. Support local. Support paying tax in Australia. Support diversity. Tell Netflix to FUCK OFF back to America and stay there.


2 thoughts on “Netflix: a platform built on addiction

  1. I have never seen anything on Netflix – to be honest I am not entirely sure what it is or why so many people seem to like it. Think I will stick to reading books – am never going to manage to read all I want to in my lifetime as it is.


    • Indeed. But I love movies. I’m finding it a fascinating exercise watching as many Australian movies as I can. And I am actually buying DVDs now. I never saw a reason but now I see that soon we won’t control what we watch at all. Now’s the time to build up a library of movies that you can watch when and if and how often you want to.

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