White bean and spinach pasta sauce

One of our favourite spaghetti sauces is a tarted up white bean puree. You can see it here.

It got me thinking, recently, as spinach season comes upon us here in Geneva…

This is a three ingredient dish. Rinse and drain a can of white beans. Put them in a saucepan. Add some washed spinach – I did a few large handfuls. Enough water to make sure it all cooks without sticking. When spinach is done enough for you, you might want to take some of the water out, I did, though I saved it to add later if required – or it can be added to vegetable stock. Puree. Add salt and pepper.

I suggest letting this sit overnight in the fridge, it’ll taste better the next day.

When spaghetti is still a bit too al dente, drain but not carefully, you want a little water still in the pot, put spaghetti back in the pot and add the sauce to taste. Start with a few big spoonfuls, you can add more later. Keep stirring over low heat while the spaghetti absorbs some liquid so that the sauce isn’t watery. Last moment add maybe 100g of grated mature cheddar and mix thoroughly.

Serve. I think this is enough for four.

Value for effort? Tops.

I love sauces which are cheap, easy to make, and if you can freeze them (which I assume I will be able to do with this one), so much the better.

Update: we have since tried this thus:

  • with a little pesto stirred in at the table: parsley, pinenuts, garlic, a little cheese, heavy on the olive oil.
  • bacon chopped and fried and added at the end
  • parmesan cheese at the table

Last time I made it, I started with an onion chopped and fried in a little ghee before adding the beans and spinach.

Hard to see what you can do wrong with this dish.

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