revisiting Vienna


  • The Guesthouse Brasserie and Bakery Varied breakfast menu with excellent eggs and toast, good tea. Vibrant, crowded, good music at a low level.
  • Meierei in Stadtpark. Beautiful breakfasts in peaceful park surrounds. Quieter than The Guesthouse and more innovative food.
  • Grand Hotel Vienna Rosengarten  is the foyer cafe, good tea, nice dessert cart, goulash soup is about the same as The Bristol’s. Truffles included milk chocolate with pear and thyme.
  • The Bristol is almost next door to The Grand. It’s my favourite place in Vienna to hang out with a pot of tea and a book. There’s a fire. The food is well prepared, unexciting posh hotel style. The staff are very welcoming and know when to leave you aloe.
  • Ulrich is an Oz-style cafe. It’s clearly a hugely popular place in Vienna and has a sister cafe a hundred metres away. But for me it isn’t as good as Australian cafes, and why not go for an atmosphere that’s Austrian?
  • Burggasse 24 is fifty metres from Ulrich – it’s hipster territory all around here. It’s a vintage shop and a gorgeous cafe. Is it ‘uniquely Austrian’? Well, it certainly isn’t Australian. It has very high ceilings, a rich warmth and a fire. You don’t go for the small menu but for the comfortable atmosphere with very friendly staff. Coffee is good. Brownie not bad. Tea as yet untested.






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