2020, 2019, 2018 Movies seen

2020 – this can’t be a complete list even given how things are. But it’s a start.

In the Name of the Land – five star, harrowing, compulsory to watch and then pay properly for your food dudes.

Dreamland – probably perfect, but to what end?

Misbehaviour – much better than I expected.

Memories of Murder – worse than I expected, but I didn’t realise until subsequently that it was a first movie. Also, that the story being told was every bit as messy as the movie and more.

The Secret Garden – apparently didn’t stick to the story the way fans need. What on earth did Colin Firth think he was doing applying for that part? He must have slept with somebody.


Babyteeth (Australia) Splendid job, saw it at the Zurich Film Festival and the mainly Swiss German audience was highly appreciative, which given that the most common word in the film was likely ‘fuck’ was very tolerant on their part.

Chambre 212 (French)

La Belle Epoque (French) fascinating that it has such a similar premise to Chambre 212 and yet it is a really good movie, whereas Chambre 212 is dire.

Parasite (Korean) Terrific

Alice and the Mayor (French) Very French

Burning (Korean) Too stylish

Never Look Away (German)

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (US) good, but we saw it the night before….

Little Forest (Korean) ….and this basically said the same stuff as Once Upon, but on a budget of almost nothing.

Karate Kid (US) – the attitudes to being bullied – basically ‘man up’ are absolutely shocking and would not be allowed now.

When Harry Met Sally (US) – hadn’t seen it before, I see why it’s been such a stayer.

Muriel’s Wedding – awful if it was supposed to be funny.

Avengers: Endgame (dire)

Claire Darling (French) – I was not taken by it.

Robaix Une Lumiere (French) Highly recommend

Sorry We Missed You (Ken Loach) – the world would be a vastly poorer place without Loach telling us how it is.

The Humorist (Russian at GIFF) Liked this a lot.

The Lighthouse – a dud, but I can see that it’ll appeal to some.

Joker – fantastic, should have won best movie at the AA.

Fast Talking (1984 Australia)

Partisan Film Festival Austria


Redoubtable (Le Redoutable) (French)

See You Up There (Au revoir là-haut) (French)

Madame Hyde (French)

Leto (The Summer) Russian


I, Tonya – inspired

The Shape of Water

Killing of a Sacred Deer – hard act to follow his first movie, but succeeds.

The Post – not as bad as I expected it to be.

Sweet Country – Do see if you can

The Death of Stalin

Isle of Dogs – this movie was a mystery to me. I was ready to leave after the first 15 minutes. All the dogs are rounded up and trapped on an island. Happy ending. Let’s leave. But it turned out this was only the prelude to its being an escape movie. I went grumbling all the way and I haven’t stopped yet.

The Rider – wonderful movie, which I tried to get everybody in Australia to see but I’m not even sure it was released here.

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