Spaghetti with chicken liver V2

Rough notes:

I chopped the livers up smaller than usual.

Sauce: fried shallot in butter, added garlic, and then a couple of large sloshes of white wine. Burnt that off and added a heaped teasp of tomato paste and some water from the cooking spaghetti. Added the chicken liver when the spaghetti had about 5 minutes to go.

I’m sure there is lots one could do with this basic recipe.

Spinach, chicken liver and pomegranate salad

Chicken liver and pomegranate salad
Chicken liver and pomegranate salad

For 2

8 Chicken livers chopped into halves or so
Leaves – spinach
Olive oil
White wine
pomegranate molasses
apple juice
sherry vinegar

Stem leaves, lie on plate.
Chop hazelnuts in half, toast in frying pan, then skin – they just need a bit of rubbing, this is not arduous.

Heat olive oil in frying pan, add white wine let bubble a bit, reduce heat and then put in chicken livers. Cook gently, turning. Take out and leave on a plate as each is cooked, I really think you have to do this one by one, they will all take different times to be cooked without going hard. Keep in mind they will keep cooking a little when out of the pan.

Add awful sherry vinegar to the liquid contents of the pan – I assume nice sherry vinegar will do, but I only have quite the worst sherry vinegar in the world. Its only redeeming feature is that it was so expensive it can’t be as bad as it tastes. Salt and pepper, pomegranate molasses, a couple of splashes of apple juice.

Cherries….a tempting thought, maybe next time.