Chickengate reconsidered….

I noticed, in a paper on Affect, Culture and Morality this proposition:

“A man goes to the supermarket once a week and buys a dead chicken. But before cooking the chicken, he has sexual intercourse with it. Then he cooks it and eats it. Is that wrong?”

It was used in research to do with morality….

Naturally I could not help wondering, where would North Melbourne footballers stand on this issue, or indeed, AFL footballers in general?!

Chickengate as reviewed on At The Movies.

When asked today if I was barracking for North Melbourne or Essendon I thought I’d better look into Chickengate first. For those that don’t know what that is, here is a link to the video and a typical analysis of it. In short two members of the NM team produced a video typically interpreted as abusive, violent and demeaning to women. Ie nothing particularly surprising for any football code that I know of.

At any rate, I also picked up on this link, which is a brilliant sendup of the whole affair, managing to satirise At the Movies with David and Margaret at the same time, a worthy exercise in itself. It begins thus:

Here is what David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz said on their TV show, At the Movies:

At the Movies Transcript:

David: Directors Adam Simpson and Daniel Pratt have perfectly captured the insecurities of the modern rooster in their critically acclaimed Adventures of Little Boris, a gritty drama that takes peer pressure to a whole new level.

The protagonist, Boris, a mid-20s rooster living in North Melbourne, is consumed by nasty masochistic thoughts which he feels are normal. Growing up within a certain male culture has taught him that chickens are dispensable objects only good for two things: sex and stir-fry.

In denial over his own perceived masculinity, Boris attempts to win the approval of his brethren by repeatedly raping the one chicken he truly loves. Unfortunately, Boris is a high-profile rooster incapable of articulating his feelings in words; he gives little thought to the harm he is inflicting on his chicken and too much thought to how his mates back at the rooster coop will react.

Bravo David Edwards – your post makes the entire episode worth while. The full transcript of Margaret and David can be found here.